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Despite the weather, another day is here.

Yesterday afternoon, the team worked hard to finish our siding, install the roof and begin building the deck. Our roof fell somewhat behind schedule, with the south and about a third of the North complete, but this should be enough for the electrical team to begin installing the solar panels and the rest of us to follow with the decks and ramps. We experienced some rain last night, the first rain during set-up of a Decathlon, but it was expected and we were prepared. It slowed down the work some, but we are still in good shape to finish.

Inside, the team has been constructing our HVAC system and working to prepare for the instrumentation team. As part of the competition, the Department of Energy will place temperature sensors on the refrigerator, light sensors on the desk, and a temperature sensor in the living room. All of this will collect information about the house and send it back to the headquarters for judging.

Today, we hope to complete the deck and roof and make significant
progress on the solar panels. Our water and grid interconnection will occur early next week and we need to be ready. We will also be repainting some of the siding on the exterior and touching up inside.

The mall is full of interested passerby who ask great questions and look forward to seeing the houses complete next week.


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