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Panel Racking & Safety

While researching the various methods to rack solar panels on our home's roof, I came across a database of articles/documents written by John Whiles. In the 2007 Solar Decathlon, John Wiles was actually a member of the Code and Regulation Compliance Jury.

He has excellent general guides/checklists for building an off grid solar home. There is also great information on how to properly comply with the national electric code. The articles written on grounding procedures may prove to be extremely useful as we continue in our design process. If anyone is interested, you can find the John Whiles Code Corner at

Last week we determined that the structure of the roof of our solar home should allow for flush (parallel) mounted solar panels. We are continuing to explore Unirac as a leading solar racking/mounting manufacturer. Once we have a clear idea of what PV panels are being used, we can combine Unirac's mounting guidelines with the safety guidelines detailed at John Whiles Code Corner to establish a safe and reliable strategy to attach solar panels to our solar home.


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