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General Lighting Report Revision 1.0

The general lighting report contains all the relevant information for the general lighting design. General lighting includes all necessary lighting to meet the minimum illumination requirements according to the 2009 Solar Decathlon Official Rules (50 foot-candles, or 538 lux, at the workspace/desk surface area).

LED bulbs will most likely be used for general lighting purposes. Overall, the house is supposed to embrace emerging technology, even if it may not be the economical choice (such as solar panels). LEDs are one of the most efficient indoor house lighting options, which is something that should be brought to the public’s attention. Furthermore, it would be a great learning experience for observers if LEDs were used; since CFLs have already been publicized widely by the government, utilities, and stores.

See the General Lighting Report Revision 1.0 (which is posted to the wiki site) for the complete article.

Joseph Galambos
Samantha Gunter


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