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Passive house modeling simulation - HEED

After last weeks discussion on Esim, we decided to explore alternative simulation software. At we found a useful program called HEED developed at UCLA. It provides clear visual representations of the energy usage of the house. After choosing an initial predetermined model, it allows the user to modify any and all parameters to the specifications of the desired design.

The advantage of this program over ESim is in its ease of use. Individual calculations can be made for specific portions of the house. For example, the energy loss of a specific window can easily be calculated without figuring in the rest of the house if necessary.

It can evaluate fuel costs, electricity costs, and total energy cost. More advanced tools include an HVAC analysis and internal load assessment, etc.

In conclusion, this software provides a useful simulation tool for the situation we are in now, lacking complete drawings and material information. It's ease of use and clear representation of parameters allows the user to easily identify the required inputs.

-Mickey Mangan and Shubbu Amin


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