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Last week Mark Taylor commented in the Insulation section of the Wiki. He said that right now the architecture team prefers spray foam insulation from Honeywell and that if additional insulation has to be added that they prefer for the material to be benign to handle.

I looked into NCFI's insulation and they offered the Honeywell Enovate. The Enovate is like the Icynene I mentioned last week. It is an expandable spray foam that leaves little room for air gaps and error. This foam spray also has an efficiently high R-value so I believe that this is the way to go. Data sheets and information sheets have been posted in the Wiki regarding this insulation type.

I have been able to successfully figure the area of the walls that we need to insulate. I included the area of the roof as well but I need to ask the people involved with the roof if they will be using some special type of insulating roofing material. I will upload my spreadsheet up onto the wiki once I obtain prices. I called NCFI Monday afternoon and I was told that an Illinois representative will contact me and he could give me price estimates but I have yet to hear from him today.

-Julio Mayen


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