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Roof done - on to solar panels

As you may have noticed from Phil's post, we have completed installation of out galvalume standing seam roof and have begun installing the S-5! Clips that will hold our panels. The panels should be installed today or tomorrow.

Over the past week, students also worked on the ester siding, hanging out cool white metal panels and preparing for the installation of our reclaimed barn siding. We also worked on building the vegetable / herb garden that will surround the water tanks and provide seating for our guests. We also began placing the north decks in their appropriate locations. Inside, work continued on improving air tightness and testing for passive house compliance. For certification, we are required to have less than .6 air changed per hour. By the end of the week we should be ready to paint and install flooring.

Philip has also made some improvement to the website including collapsible posts for the wiki, additional pictures and a few sponsors update. More to come. This week, I continue to arrange purchases of the material required to complete the home and arrange partnerships with sponsors whenever possible. We also continue to work with the DOE on final approval for out documents.



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