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Energy Plus II

This week was a continuation of last week’s overview of EnergyPlus. It is becoming clear that the coding style entry of data in EnergyPlus might become a burden. As was stated before, there are options of user interfaces that have been coupled to EnergyPlus. There may be some trade offs in using these interfaces. In EnergyPlus if a piece of information is missing such as an entire wall, the simulation can continue, ignoring the absent element. This would be very helpful for a beginner. Simulating as the house is built would make the data entry slightly less intimidating of a task. A user interface could require certain data before simulation. This is just an example of how a user interface could restrict some of the versatility of the base program. Some time was spent figuring out the capabilities of this program with respect to calculating certain energy requirements of the house. Now these features should be compared to the user interface to the actual program. In the end it could be worthwhile to revert back to coding in the object by object fashion for energy plus.


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