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Control Team Update II

During the Control Team's second meeting, we compared the results from our individual efforts to compile an all-inclusive control system for our house. As we discussed previously, this basically consisted of choosing Insteon compatable parts that not only controlled or monitored various aspects of the house, but also that could be linked to a central device (most likely the PC) that can remotely command all these devices.

Among our findings were that the basic options, including HVAC control, lighting control, appliances, and some minor security come fairly cheap. Even being generous with part quantities, the total fell far short of our estimated $5,000 limit.

Now that we had a good pool of information to pull from, we decided our task for next week would be to basically split up the work by category. The main goal was to choose the "best" choice for the more basic controls to prepare for ordering. However, we also wanted to look into additional options that, while less necessary, add to the appeal of our house, particularly seeing as we were under budget.

Lastly, we came up with a list of potential issues, and information we might need from other groups in order to prepare our parts for ordering.


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