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The Project Manual

For my portion of the project I have been focusing on the project
manual. For those not familiar with the Solar Decathlon’s rules, and
the role of the project manual, it is a supplement to the construction
drawings for the judges. In addition to having information similar to
a regular architecture project’s manual like specifications, the Solar
Decathlon project manual includes design narratives for architecture,
engineering, lighting, and market viability in addition to a checklist
of compliance with all of the Solar Decathlon rules.

The task of pulling together the project manual has been an
interesting one. My main day-to-day tasks consist of reading the long
list of communication emails, tracking people down for their assigned
tasks, and then editing and coordinating text. Currently I am pulling
together the draft copy of the manual for our resubmission of
documents to take place in about a week. As of today the project manual is a robust 150 pages!


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