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LightCalc Evaluation

The LightCalc tool seems to account for several cost factors however many of these pertain to large buildings and not residential ones. Demand charge is an input which is not normally applied to residences. Also, the light inputs seem a bit outdated and limited. LEDs are not listed and values are predetermined. These values fortunately can be altered to account for the light bulbs we have found. Once all the data is selected or inputted, several cost calculations are performed. They seem to list a maintenance cost however I do not believe this is applicable in a residential setting. One nice factor they list is the payback period.

Overall, this tool does essentially the same analysis as the analysis we did ourselves a few weeks ago except it includes factors we do not necessarily need. It seems a bit outdated and not as flexible for our needs.

It would be better to pursue a different simulation tool that not only does pricing but also has lumen output at a certain point since that is more important for judging.

Samantha Gunter
Joseph Galambos


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