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Only 2 months to go...

Over the last week, our construction team has continued to work extremely hard to move the house closer to completion. We have had many students generously spend their summer working on the house. At some points, we had as many as 6 distinct tasks occuring at the same time.

The exterior work is nearing completion. The siding panels continue to be installed and all of the windows have been framed. Our engineers were able to finish wiring all of the LED lights and we had all the strands on at once. Looks great. A team has also been working on staining and finishing reclaimed wood for our entry porch. We have also been installing the edge protection on the deck and placing the front ramp. The solar panels continue to work great and we have all enjoyed watching the meter spin backwards all week long.

Inside, the painting is complete and we will soon be installing all of the light fixtures. Our engineers were also able to place the water heater and hvac units successfully. While there is still some work to do before they are functional (including hooking water up to the house), this is a great step forward. Within the next few weeks, we should begin to have flooring and will build interior furniture.

Deliveries continue to show up daily and we are looking forward to placing all the finishing touches on the home. Our website has also grown with some additional photos and some stop-motion videos.

If you are interested in helping out or just seeing what we are up to, please feel free to stop by our site. There are people working most days and nights. Our build site is located just south of the Aces library, adjacent to the Turner Greenhouses.



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