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Inverters & Monitors

There are three main reliable companies when it comes to inverters and monitors: Xantrex, Fronius, and SunnyBoy. We initially started off looking for only mobile, battery-packed inverters, and then realized that the operations will all be tied to grid. Upon switching the focus to utility-tied inverters, we noticed that the three brands mentioned above also dominated in that area.

The higher the wattage, the lower the price per watt. The price range goes roughly from $0.50 cents/W (max 5100W inverter) to a max of $1.00/W (2,000W inverter). The power the house requires is about ~6,000 W. The choice is to either install one big inverter to supply all that power at low cost, or possibly 3 small 2,000W inverters to supply the power together at a higher cost. The disadvantage of the more economic choice is that if the big inverter decides to break, there is no back-up. However, the initial price of buying one bulky 6,000 W inverter is considerably inexpensive compared to the price of the more reliable option.

Further investigation this week includes the quality of the individual inverters compared to its price. We will research into quality as well as expand our current spreadsheet to include more options. For monitors, we were only able to track down Xantrex monitors (~$300). A complete list will be available soon.


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