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Simulation Team Post 1

The first meeting (on Wed Feb 4)involved getting the members of the group familiarized with the different types of simulation software that was available. In addition to PV Syst, which was used last semester to simulate different setups of the PV system, we are also looking into systems that can simulate the energy used as far as home heating/cooling, hot water, lighting, and overall energy needs. Some of the new software we will be looking into is Trane Trace (made by the company known for their a/c units) and the DOE's own Energy Plus software, which was briefly covered last semester in a presentation in the SD wiki. In that presentation, the issue of usability was brought up, and one of the assignments for team members were to try to use 3rd party applications to supplement Energy Plus in order to make it easier to make our building in a CAD-like environment. In addition to these softwares, team members are also looking for other types of simulation software to aid in our task.

- KP


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