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On our way!

After a very long day and night loading approximately 35,000 pounds of footings, decking and furniture into a 48' semi, the team bid farewell to our driver and said we looked forward to seeing him a few days and 800 miles later. We then worked to organize last minute details such as field trip forms, printing menus, packing, and tool organization. Understandably, these are all things that should have and could have been done much earlier, not mere hours before we left for DC, but as you can imagine, certain tasks are postponed when there is a house to build and test. Thankfully and luckily, we were able to complete all the tasks at hand (we think) and most of the team is getting a good nights sleep before a nice, cozy ride leaving at 8am this morning.

Many of the changes to the website have been uploaded to be sure to check out the information slider in the about Gable Home section, our new products page, additional images in the photos section and new videos as well.

Throughout the construction process the Big Ten network has been following our progress, filming both work and interviews. They will be creating a full documentary show about the process to air on the network next year. They have worked tirelessly over the last week to create a short preview video that you can watch here: The team thanks the Big Ten for all of their interest and support that helped to make this introductory video.

Well on its way, the team is excited to begin construction. We will continue updating this blog, so check back often.



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