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Quick Panel Racking update

After our last meeting it has become apparent that we are going to need information from other teams in order to continue with the issue of solar panel racking. In addition to the code compliance from John Wiles that we added last week we have also uploaded a PDF file from Unirac itself on following electrical codes and compliances with their Rapid Rac mounting configuration. This should prove useful as this is currently our front runner for solar racking.

As far as other teams are concerned we will remain in contact with the group working on solar panel selection, and we will also have to contact the architecture team so that we can accurately define the dimensions of the roof, as well as the type of roofing they are considering using. With this knowledge we can effectively determine how to physically attach the mounting to the roof, and what mounting configuration will be most appropriate for the Photovoltaic panels we are thinking of using. Knowing the ideas the architecture team has for a roofing configuration will also help us decide how to ground and connect our panels together.


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