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Summer is drawing to a close

I am not sure if that is a positive or frightening title. Probably means something different to each person on the team.

It seems that this is getting repetitive, but work continues to move forward. Our solar panels continue to generate power every day while the team works hard beneath them. Our mechanical system has been installed and while there are a few kinks to work out, we are hopeful to be working in a nice cool space soon. Our electrical engineers have also been working hard and nearly all of our lighting is installed and functional.

The track lighting works great and offers multiple benefits to the home. While not typically seen as a designers choice, the Illinois team chose to use track lighting in the home due to their flexibility for change in addition to the minimal penetrations in our air tight layer. By minimizing penetrations, the team was also able to maximize the insulation within the roof (one of the most critical areas energy wise) ane minimize the cost of construction. In addition, the team felt that the fixtures would match our interior design aesthetic perfectly. For accent lighting, the team has also incorporated LED pendant lights and table lamps.  Through collaboration, the team was able to find what we believe was the best interior lighting solution.

Slowly but surely, work has also advanced on the exterior. While at first
glance it may seem as though little work has occurred, the team has finished the seating over the water tank, installed the track for the sliding doors, and started installing the finish materials in the porch. Everything is coming together and should be complete soon.

With summer drawing to a close, we are Aldo beginning to plan our open house, dinner fundraiser and testing. During the competition, the team will need to perform various tasks to test the functionality of the home, such as washing laundry and boiling water and consequently at the beginning of September, the team will start checking the home and practicing. 

Look for additional educational information on the website soon. 


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