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Solar Panels Complete

Alot has happened in the last week, one of which includes completing the solar panel installation and beginning to generate power.

Today, students completed placing all 40 of our Sunpower 225BLK modules and connected them to our inverters. The day was overcast, but they were generating 1.2kw each this afternoon. After a few setbacks, all the panels went on, fit the roof appropriately and look great. Check out our gallery for images.

We were also able to install the Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting for behind our siding and test it out. The light looks great behind the siding, gently showcasing the boards and the repetitive lines of the design. The team is now working to integrate the system into our home controls.

Following the lighting, we have also begun installing the reclaimed siding. Each board, measuring about 10 inches wide, is designed to align with the standing seam roof, our windows, the overhang supports and the decking. It will attempt to show an integration of old, historically significant materials with new design technologies and aesthetic ideals.

The team also depressurized the house and used a thermal image camera to judge the performance of the house. Look for these pictures on our gallery in the next few days.

Finally, the team has placed one of our entry ramps to the home and will be working to build the remaining section tomorrow. We will then install our edge protection on the deck and continue preparing wood for our west-end planter bench.

Overall, progress continues and we move closer towards a finished house.


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