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Resource and Control Systems

Research into possible control systems for the solar house has yielded some interesting results. Sairaj had already looked into two possible companies for the system, those being Agilewaves and Lucid Design.

Both companies essentially offer the same product. Agilewaves offers software that monitors electric, gas, and water consumptions, and makes the information available either online or via touchscreen. This type of software helps to make better resource management choices, and save money as well as reduce harmful emissions.

Lucid Design offers a similar product called Dashboard, which gives the same real-time feedback using a web based format. It also has a few useful features, including the ability to compare energy consumption to other buildings.

In attempting to get a quote from either of these companies, I have found only basic cost analysis from past projects. It seems the prices range from $5000 for a smaller residential building (likely very close to what we are after) to $100,000+ for a large commercial building. I am still awaiting a reply from either contact at these companies to get an official quote.

Seeing as the features and utilities offered are so similar from both companies, it will likely come down to a matter of cost, so once the real quotes are received, a decision can be made much more easily.

Lastly, there has been some investigation into an automation device that can be integrated with these software tools. My research into this company, Creston, was limited, but another member of my group will address it in more detail.


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