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Lighting layout

This week we developed a rough lighting layout plan along with switch placement. We do not know if the other teams have created their own lighting plan since there is somewhat of a disconnect in communication. An Autocad version of our lighting plan is available on the wiki showing the coordination of lights and location of the switches for interior and exterior lights.

We also looked at lighting illumination levels and did some preliminary calculations. The competition requires 50 footcandles and based on some rough calculations, there is a need for very high intensity lumen bulbs (greater than what we have seen so far). A more computer based simulation would help create a better prediction of the light levels at a given work space. There hasn't really been much luck in finding a free version of such software. We have however attached another pdf file showing the light overlap from the bulbs and approximately the difference of illumination at different points within the bedroom to give a rough idea.

Joe Galambos
Samantha Gunter


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