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General Lighting

In terms of energy consumption, some simple calculations show that it is better to use recessed lighting rather than the linear LED bulb/fixture that architecture had showed us. Basically, the 16 recessed lights will use less than 2 solar panels whereas to get the same amount of light, we would need roughly 20 linear ft of fixtures which will use approximately 4 solar panels to operate. In other words, the use of recessed lighting will use less than 4% of all the power supplied by the solar panels whereas the linear bulbs would use about 10%. We need to reduce the lighting load as much as possible; therefore, we must use recessed lighting if we want to seriously compete in the energy balance aspect of the competition.

There may be a way to develop fixtures or shape the ceiling to help create a linear feel even with using the recessed lighting.

Joseph Galambos

Samantha Gunter


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