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Shading Price Evaluations

After looking a bit more into prices, I think that is it fairly easy to compile a few prices so that we can decide what we'd like to spend. All the online quotes were done assuming a 4' by 4' window, but regardless of the dimension, one type of window will always be more expensive than another type depending on the material it is made out of.

The sheets in which all this data is compiled is available on the wiki, but as a quick summary right here, I'll go ahead and start off with double cellular shades, usually 3/8". The prices on these vary between $100 and $150 depending on the maker and quality of fabric. Also, after looking into price differences between indoor and outdoor mountings, it turns out that all the suppliers examined have no cost difference between where it is mounted, though I could not tell if that meant that the shades are also supposed to be safe in all types of weather. There are definitely a few good sites (mentioned in the spreadsheet in the wiki) that seem to offer either warehouse direct or random coupons that can shave off a lot of the money.

There's also a lot of variety when it comes to solar shades, whose price is dependent on a) the quality of fabric and b) the opacity of the fabric. The more light that is blocked, the more expensive the shades are. We could get a range of Openness from 14% down to 3% (increasing in price) and never go above $140 for a good set for a 4'x4' window.

Finally, on the topic of motor-driven shades. There are several varieties that are battery-powered (so I'm not sure what the rules would state on that), but for the ones that would be wired into the house itself, the power requirements are not drastic. A typical motor I found runs at 25 VDC and only draws 0.5 A. Assuming it were run twice a day (once to open, once to close) this doesn't add much to power consumption. However, the cost can be quite high, with each motor being $150 or more. I would only recommend their use if we have any windows that are particularly hard to reach, though the final decision would of course be left up to the team.


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