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Arch Seminar - Ryan

For the seminar class this semester, my focus has shifted from the PHPP program to overseeing much of the construction workdays and working out details through the use of mock ups and test pieces. I have also drawn some of these details in CAD and attended weekly meetings outside of class to stay involved and aware of other aspects of the projects so that what I do is pertinent to the overall vision for the house. I have taken over as the safety officer and signed up to work on the roof. With these duties I have written a safety plan and begun to specify and contact roofing companies and manufacturers. In the future, I see myself working on PHPP more intensely so that the house can be certified once all of the changes have occurred. I also see myself continuing to supervise Saturday workdays for the team.

Come out on Saturday @ 10AM to Check out the Progress!!

Ryan Abendroth


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