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PVSYST Software

PVSyst is a software package for designing and simulating systems.

This software has a database of different locations in the United States. This database contains various factors concerning solar power in it.

This software also provides us with a wide array of inverters and PV cells. This software also helps us determine which orientation of the solar panels is most efficient for us and helps us choose between the inverters and the PV cells. In any case the power drawn from the inverters is too low, it gives us a warning and vice-versa, making it really efficient in helping us out in our design.

We have various parameters that we can adjust including the following:

- Defining the Solar Panel Orientation (Changing the Tilt and the azimuth angle)

- Defining the Horizon

- Option of Global View Scene for determining near field shading

- It gives us a detailed account for hourly wattage use for the whole day.

- It also gives us a detailed report about all the various losses that the PV field can encounter.

After we have all the parameters in place we can simulate the project that gives us the main results.

The PVSyst software is a powerful tool if used correctly will prove to be extremely beneficial for us. We however need to purchase a full license as the trial has run out. We also need to develop a power usage profile from appliance data and competition requirements.

Jonathan Ehlmann and Venkat Draksharam


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