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Check, Check & Check

This last week has seen a great push of work by many devoted students. As a few people prepare to take a few days off(England, Puerto Rico, New York, St. Louis, North Carolina and more), everyone worked hard to get items done before hand.

Decking: Check
Our decking has been fully installed, including ADA edge protection, re-claimed boards for the water tank enclosure, ramps & final connections. Nearly all the planters are complete as well, with only a few to go. The plants have been confirmed from various sources and look great in the "mock-up". Few minor issues remain, but for now, we can move on to the next task.

Windows: Check
All of the windows have been fully framed, sealed, tested and cleaned. The team chose to use Optiwin windows due to their superior performance, both functionally and with regard to energy use. They look great, both inside and out and work perfectly. One can only be impressed by their design and marvel at their ability to limit both temperature swings and sound transmission while looking great.

Painting: Check
All interior painting is now complete. The team worked hard to finish painting the bedroom, hallway, electrical closet and living room. After making a daring choice for the east wall of the living room, the team was extremely pleased with the result. The team chose to use EarthPaint, an environmentally friendly, no VOC, biodegradable, non-toxic paint that can be matched to any color you wish.

Bedroom & Hall Flooring: Check
The team has laid our Forbo Click flooring (generously donated to the team by Forbo) in the bedroom and the Lamboo sheets in the hallway. Both went down quickly and look fantastic.

The team has also been working on installing the track for our exterior sliding door hardware, completing the last few sections of siding, installing all the various design features in the porch, placing interior light fixtures and building, building the HVAC unit and placing it in the home. We have also been seeking additional funding, working with sponsors on interior materials, preparing the computer controls system, purchasing equipment for exterior water functionality & preparing for the trip to Washington D.C.

During the next week, we hope to complete lighting installation, complete the shading device, begin testing HVAC, begin installing bathroom finishes & lay the living room floor.

For those of you who are interested in the project and have been tracking our progress, if you are able, we would appreciate your donation and support. We do still require some additional funds to be able to complete the project successfully and every little bit helps. Feel free to use the Donate tool, to the left, or contact any of the team members for more information.

Thanks. Joe


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