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Tours are open, competition in progress - Illinois in first!

For those of us who thought that the days would get shorter and less stressful as the competition began, we were wrong.

We have now been open and competiting for a few days and have been enjoying our opportunities to speak with the public about what we have seen. We also had our first juries come through the house, architecture, market viability and communications.

Yesterday, over 34,000 peopletoured the national mall with homes and our team truly enjoyed speaking with everyone who came through our house.

For those you who have not been following, the Illinois team is in first place in the competition currently and has been for most of yesterday as well.  You are able to see our progress online at 

The site also has lots of information about the homes, virtual tours, pictures and more and is quite interesting. There will also be an opportunity to vote for your favorite home towards people's choice. 

Thanks again for following us, we appeciate your support


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