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One hurdle cleared - now on to the next!

The Illinois Gable Home team recently completed the submission of all documents to the U.S. Department of Energy and is now refocused on construction and preparing for the competition in just a few short months. To the DOE, we provided construction documents, a project manual, health and safety plan, a communications plan and a dinner party menu. It was difficult but rewarding to compile and present all of this information that has been discussed for so long but never finalized. The team did an amazing job of working hard and producing a great set of documents.

Moving forward, construction has been progressing smoothly on the home itself. The windows and doors have been installed, all air gaps sealed, insulation installed and all exterior sheathing is attached. Our plumbing and electrical rough-in work is complete as well. The team has also been building the decks and ramps with our reclaimed and refurbished wood from a grain silo. The task at hand presently is organization for the next 8 weeks and ordering all of the purchases that will be required. Some additional funding is also a goal.

Overall, we have been having a great time and will continue working towards the competition in October.


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