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Exterior work continues!

Work on the home continues. Over the last week, the team has been working hard on the installation of out siding, exterior led lighting, solar panels and decking.

To complete the exterior of re home, the team first sheathed the plywood with typar and the large sheets of "cool" white metal roofing. This will help keep the building water tight and protect the typar from uv. After this, the home has 1 1/2" battens the will hold the reclaimed barn boards off the wall and gently play homage to the historically significant board and batten siding used widly on Midwestern barns. Behind each panel, there will be a series of LEDs the will work to gently light the home and showcase the energy proxy toon of the day.

Our electrical engineers have also been working to install the solar panels this week, braving the sun and the heat to work out on the roof day after day. Using S-5! Clips, the team is able to install the panels quickly and safely without making any penetrations in the roof. Part of the beauty of using a standing seam metal roof in conjunction with solar panels is that you have a roofing system that has a life span greater than that of the panels. Unlike a shingle or flat roof which have to be replaced after15-20 years, leading to am expensive disassembly and reinstallation of solar panels (which last 30+ years) a metalrokf will last much longer. In addition, by using the S-5! Clips, therenare no penetrations in the roof, reducing the chance of leaks.

The panel installation has been progressing smoothly and hopefully we will start seeing out meter move backward as power generation begins.

The team has also been placing our decking modules. Built using wood reclaimed from a barn silo in the West side of Champaign, the team uses a natural linseed oil to stain and protect the 100+ year old wood. Full of character, the team hopes the deck invites visitors and students alike to relax and reflect on all the possibilities the thinking from a sustainable perspective can provide.

In the next week, we hope to complete the siding installation, complete the solar panels and finish the deck. With all sorts ofaterials arriving within the next few days, the team is e cited to begin working on the interior.

Speaking of deliveries, I invite everyone to visit our sponsors, partners and support pages. Without the generous support of these institutions, foundations, businesses and imdividuals, none of this would have been possible.


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