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Commercial Solar Panel Research

Research into commercially available solar panels returned numerous manufacturers and distributors. In addition, prices varied widely, even within close wattage ratings of panels made by different manufacturers. To compensate for this variety, a couple of approaches were used to organize the results into usable data.
Price data, from a website that sells many brands of solar panels at various wattages, was collected and compiled into an excel sheet. The collected data points were plotted with wattage versus price. From here, a bit fit line was created to get an idea for ball park range of panel prices based on the required wattage. Thus once we get a concrete idea for required power needed, the equation for this line can be used to determine the approximate price for panels to satisfy it.
In addition, price sheets from various manufacturers were collected and compiled to provide another way to see what is available on the market. By grouping the offered panels from various manufacturers it is easy to see at a glance how manufacturers compare in pricing and specifications.
With these results it’s easy to get a feel for the pricing required on PV panels based on the needed power.

Norberto Rivera
Shubbu Amin


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