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On the Mall!

I apologize about the delay in this post - my phone was unable to connect to the Internet yesterday so this is somewhat outdated. Look for a new post very soon.

We have had a very busy last few days. Beginning about 11pm on the 30th, the Illinois Gable Home team decended on the mall ready to go.  Despite the fact that the semi with all our components was delayed by all of the traffic attempting to enter the mall at the same time, we were able to get everything unloaded by about 4am. We the began organizing everything and preparing for the home delivery at 7am.

As we began setting out our foundations and attempting to bring them all to an equal height, we discovered that our site slopes about 5 1/2" from East to West. This was significantly more than in Illinois and beyond what we had planned for. We had to create additional shim pieces in order to create a level surface to set the house on. We were able to complete this, however and then began focusing on making sure the placement was correct for the house. After that was complete, Homeway began focusing on placing their roofcaps on the house and turning the truck around.

Around 8 am, after a long night of work, the team went home to sleep. About 2 hours later, Homeay was ready to move the house onto our lot so 2 students pulled themselves out of bed and headed back to work. After backing the truck between our footings, the team raised the house using hand jacks with no cranes or heavy equipment The truck then pulled away and the home was lowered into place. This was around 3pm.

The rest of the team then woke up and came out to the site to continue working. We brought furniture and equipment inside, arranged materials and prepared for the interconnection panel installation the following day. We also worked with the safety officers to ensure we remain safe throughout the event and that everyone knew what was going on.

With most thing laid out, it was dark and we were tired so the team left the mall around midnight, stopped for some food and went back to sleep. This morning, we woke early to make a shopping run and met at the mall to begin work around 9. So far today, work has focused on siding, electrical work and roofing. As the day progresses, we hope to make good progress towards our decks.

I will try to keep updating often and when we get back home tonight, will try to add some pictures to the website.

Thanks for the interest.


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