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The PHPP modeling system was generated for a European climate. Due to that some of the parts do not work as they should in America (cooling load). But modeling with this system is not a bad idea and it may offer some modeling of the weather data which can be useful. But overall there are some problems for our house that would make it not completely useful.


-Easy to use. It is an excel spreadsheet that is easy and doesn’t take long to model.

-Comparable to other models.


-Less flexible. If we are considering a desiccant system PHPP might not be able to model this.

-Problems with cooling load. It has been known that the cooling load is not completely correct. As far as I know this was not corrected.

-Humidity not modeled extensively. One reason for going with the desiccant is for the humidity exchange, but if this cannot be modeled then this system is hard to quantify.


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