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Appliances for SD House

After much research, Akshat Kulkarni and I have come up with recommendations for the appliances to be used in the house. A detailed report on these can be found in our report we submitted for Eng 491 (and should also be under the appliances section).

We've taken into consideration all the rules and specifications we need to meet and have tried to get the smallest sized appliance that meets the requirement. A second criteria of selection was obviously the energy consumption followed by cost. Variations in prices isn't too much (between more efficient models and lesser efficient ones) when looked at the larger scheme of things (eg. $300 more for a more efficient microwave won't throw our budgets off).

We do realize that aesthetics also could play an important role when it comes to the selection of these appliances. For this reason, we have listed appliances with fancier looks and finishes. These are often premier line models and a lot more expensive, but should be looked at once before making a final decision.

-Raghav Chadha


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