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Solar Sim

Last week I looked at the UDayton simulation software called Solar Sim. Using Solar Sim, we can model PV-panel output, solar thermal output and solar wall (trombe wall) effects based on weather data for a specific location. The program uses three different types of weather data, all of which can be found online at websites such as the DOE's energy efficiency and renewable energy website ( Just using the software as it is probably isn't incredibly useful to us, but I think by augmenting it, we can get a lot of good information out of it. For example, I am working with other students on coming up with an optimal hot water solution for the house. Using this software combined with student-written code, we would be able to figure out if solar thermal hot water is the best way to go, or what combination of solar, tankless and heat pump would be the best for our situation.

--Priya Gandhi


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