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Gable Homed delivered

The long awaited and much anticipated delivery of the home shell by Homeway Homes has finally occurred. Starting early yesterday morning and lasting 5 hours, thehome was placed on 22 temporary footings by a large crane. Following some last minute readjustment of the footings to allow the home to rest securely, the home was opened to allow everyone to peak inside. The 4 large roof caps were lowered and secured in place and roofing felt was installed.

The team will now focus on all of the finish work that is required to get the house ready for the competition, from installing siding to building furniture; from laying flooring to constructing the hvac system and placing the solar panels.

The home delivery was documented by many different people, including the Big Ten network, WCIA 3 - ABC, multiple students, a stop motion camera and more. Look for images to be added to our website in the next few days. The coverage by WCIA can be seen here:

We will continue working most mornings, evenings and weekends for the duration of the summer. If anyone is interested in helping out, feel free to contact us or stop by, we welcome your interest.


Illinois Gable Home on the Morning Show as well:

And we made the front page of the News-Gazette!

To read more:

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