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Standby Power - Energy Vampires

"Many idle electronics - TVs, VCRs, DVD and CD players, cordless phones, microwaves - use energy even when switched off to keep display clock lit and memory chips and remote controls working. Nationally, these energy 'vampires' use 5 percent of our domestic energy and cost consumers more than $3 billion annually. - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Electrical appliances used in homes and offices consume some energy when they are left on standby mode or even switched off. The typical electricity loss for an appliance can range from as little as 1 W to as high as 30 W. According to an estimate of the international Energy Agency, the total standby power demand of the residential sector in industrialized countries amounts to 15GW - Brahmanand Mohanty, "Standby Power Losses in Household Electrical Appliances and Office Equipment"

Some quotes on research of behavioral aspect of saving energy in the book, Managing Energy Costs. It seems like human factor plays a huge role in maximizing energy savings. Education on wise energy usage is as important as the role of technology in achieving energy efficiency.

Nur Atikah Paimin


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