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Lighting Estimates

The pricing estimates for the complete installation of the lighting for the solar home required a very thorough understanding of the floor plan. Unfortunately, the documents available are fairly difficult to gauge the space and height at which the lights would be mounted. A discussion of the floor plan and site layout will be necessary to create a more accurate estimate of the lighting system.

At this point, a rough estimate is provided in the wiki documents. This estimate is based on what is reasonable for a location (i.e. typical fixtures you would find in a bathroom or kitchen). Obviously, fixture prices are going to vary greatly based on the style that will be used. Bulb prices can constitute a major part of the entire lighting budget depending on the type used and the required lumen output.

Some equations were found to try and calculate how many lumens of light would be located at a point in space depending on the lumen output of the bulb and its distance from the point. No calculations were done because very little is known about the dimensions of the house. The next step would be to narrow down the lighting options based on lumen requirements of the competition.

It was determined that the use of exterior stand-alone solar powered lighting for the pathway and deck areas would be very costly. Furthermore, it is never 100% certain that all of these lights will turn on at night (due to shading and placement). If LED bulbs are used, it may be better to just wire in lighting for the deck area.

Joseph Galambos
Samantha Gunter


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