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Construction Continues

Since the delivery of the main shell to campus a few short days ago, the team has been working hard day in and day out to keep things moving forward. Some of the first tasks involved completing window frames, sealing air-gaps, performing a blower-door test, installing vent piping, painting the eaves and preparing for the roof delivery.

To complete the windows, students had to install additional insulation, framing the wood, caulking all air gaps, and installing a water tight weather barrier.

Following the windows, students tested and caulked to be sure we minimized air gaps throughout the entire building perimeter. This is important to maximize the energy performance of the home and to ensure passive house certification. After sealing, the team performed a blower-door test to check the home for compliance with U.S. Passive House Institute standards.

The team also worked to prepare for the installation of our standing seam roof later this week.

We have also been working on securing additional donations, corporate partnerships and completing the electrical hook-up to the home. Decking and planters are coming along as well.

All in all, a busy and productive week. Please follow our website for updated pictures and images and feel free to stop by the house. If there are students around, we are always happy to discuss our work so please feel free to come have a look. The build site is to the west of the Turner Greenhouses, just south of Aces Library.



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