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Another week, more progress.

This week, many of our team members too much needed breaks from their day and night commitment to the Illinois Gable Home. We appreciate their work and hope they enjoyed time with family and friends.

Even with a smaller crew, work continues to progress. The bedroom flooring has been laid, light fixtures hung, sliding door track installed and drywall repaired. Our mechanical engineer has also been installing ducts and eill be working to braze many critical components today. The entire system should be installed shortly. The team has also been working on the control system and should begin work on the user interface very soon. We will also be placing the control monitor soon.

Over the next week, the team hope to make good progress on the interior, including laying the living room floor, installing base boards, preparing the bathroom and completing siding. On Saturday, the team will be picking up all of the furniture for the house, generously donated by CB2. Our entire interior will be CB2 products and we couldn't be happier. We are extremely excited to see everything in place.

Thee cabinetry should be on it's way and we are excited to see it installed shortly. The team also has all the material for the student designed and built furniture pieces, generously dontated by Lamboo - the same company that provided the structural material for the home, and will be cutting it to size shortly.

Overall, as usual, work progresses. If you are interested in learning more, helping out or donating - please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else on the team. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

Joe Simon


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