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Energy Analysis of Lighting

A general lighting layout (as well as the corresponding bulb types) has been established for the house. Accent lighting and the exact placement of fixtures will be determined after meeting with the architecture group.

On first glance, with the gabled roof and ceiling, PAR or reflector light bulbs may be the preferred type versus the general type which will shed excess light towards the ceiling and uninhabited space.

A comparison was made between incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs of similar lumen output and bulb shape. The analysis included the cost of electricity for using each type of bulb as well as the cost of replacing bulbs within a 50,000 to 60,000 hour time period. The results and additional comments are included in the Wiki.

The results do not consider dimming options since LEDs are not easily adjusted by dimming switches. Further investigation will be required if this is deemed necessary.


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