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DesignBuilder Test

Harshil and I evaluated the program DesignBuilder over the past two weeks. This program encompasses everything that goes into a physical building, and contains tools to help the user visualize and simulate the architecture, heating design, cooling design, construction, HVAC, activity, openings, and lighting of the house. It takes into account everything from the average seasonal temperature of the city you are building the house to the direction which your solar panels will be facing. The website includes 2 twenty minute video tutorials that teaches the user how to manipulate the building design in painful detail (our house is a block, so the fancy designs are way over the top). We are currently trying to figure out how to simulate our design. Our building also seems to be missing a roof, we will fix that!

Jun Jiang
Harshil Shah


Along with Harshil and June, I played around with design builder and found it really practical and easy to use. It has a very easy learning curve and has plenty of data for simulation. Although the simulations seem pretty well done it fails to deliver many parameters that are needed to do a proper HVAC sizing.

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