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Solar Panels

SD Team,

This week we looked into getting a price quote for the solar panels in more detail. Taking the panel dimensions and the roof area available to us into consideration, we were able to narrow down our search to around 5-6 suppliers.

The panels being considered are all 200W+ and satisfy the dimension and area requirements. Also, for the efficiency point of view, it is in our best interest to look at mono crystalline panels. The quote on the highest efficiency panels that were looked at was $8-10/Watt, which is on the high end of the the price range, but will also give the best results.

One of the roadblocks encountered this week was that many solar panel manufacturers have a system where one can't just buy the panels from them. The panels would have to be bought from one of their suppliers who would also do the installation and the total price would include the price of the panels as well as the installation.

At this point, we were not quite sure as to how the SD team plans on installing the panels so once we know the details for that we will be able to chose a supplier and obtain an exact quote for our specific scenario.



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