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Let the Competition Begin, Illinois is Ready to Go!

Since first entering the National Mall about 7 days ago, the Illinois team has been working towards a single goal, finishing construction, testing and passing inspections before the deadline of 10pm today.

This morning, the team arrived ready to go, seeing the end in sight. Our engineer handling our computer control system arrived last night and worked for many many hours to ensure that the team could monitor and adjust settings for our HVAC.

Throughout the day, the team met with a number of the DOE's code officials to pass final inspections and prepare for testing tomorrow. Yesterday, we encountered a bit of a snag when we tried to test our hot water and thet ank started leaking. The leak was coming form inside the plastic shell implying that it was an error that could not be repaired. Immediately, our engineer took action and worked to track down suppliers that would provide the products and worked with Rheem to ensure that the product would be covered under warranty. 10 contractors and 4 hours of driving later, we found our replacement hot water heater and placed it within the home. It worked great and we continued working.

Around 8pm, we finally passed every single inspection and the team was cleared to compete in the competition. Later in the evening, we met with the DOE to discuss competition rules and the plan for tomorrow.

You can track our progress point wise online and we will try to update often.


You're doing great! Keep it up!


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