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Gable Home Partners

Below is a list of firms that have made significant contribution to the Gable Home. They have donated materials, reduced the costs of their services and/or given their professional expertise in order to improve and progress the Gable Home design. We invite you to follow their links below to learn more about their products and services.

Lamboo Inc.

A link to Lamboo Inc.

Lamboo Inc. donated all laminated bamboo for the Gable Home structural frame and architectural finish work. The framing elements are just 3/4" thick and spaced at approximately 2' - 0" on center. Thus the material is not only rapidly renewable, but also significantly reduces thermal bridging in walls sections.

Passive House Institute USA

A link to Passive House USA

The University of Illinois Team has been working closely with the Passive House Institute USA to certify our project. The Institute has defined parameters for energy efficient buildings that require our house to consume 90% less energy than conventional housing. Conserving energy, not overproducing, is a key philosophy that both the University of Illinois Solar Decathlon Team and Passive House USA share.

Solar Energy Solutions

A link to Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Energy Solutions has assisted the Electrical Engineering team with the fairly involved task of acquiring all the balance of system components that were needed in the PV system. In addition, they have provided invaluable support towards getting our system up to code.

Homeway Homes

A link to Homeway Homes

Homeway Homes is the primary builder and will perform a majority of the construction in their factory, a controlled environment that ensures precision and quality building. They will deliver the Gable Home to the University of Illinois in time for the students to finish construction and begin testing for the competition in October.

Homeway Homes is a paid partner of the Gable Home.

PREPA.R.E., Inc.

PREPA.R.E., Inc. Logo

PREPA.R.E., Inc. assisted in the structural design of the Gable Home. Their expertise helped in the framing design of the structural laminated bamboo, as well as the footings that will support the house on the Mall in October.

PREPA.R.E., Inc. is a paid partner of the Gable Home.

Timberline Custom Woodworking

Logo for Timberline Custom Woodworking

Timberline Custom Woodworking worked with the Gable Home team to produce the bedroom cabinetry. The cabinetry, made of laminated bamboo, serves as a closet and storage area in the bedroom and spans the entire length of the north wall. Timberline is a local wood shop known for making quality, lasting furniture.

Timberline is a paid partner of the Gable Home.

Community Volunteers

We would like to recognize and thank volunteers from the community who have dedicated their time and talents to help us complete the Gable Home:

Mike Zhivov
Krysta Hanson
Heather Zuhn
Colleen Pisoni

Thank you!